Giving Back

Rick has found that singing for various senior groups, assisted living homes and social groups for close to 30 years, has been extremely rewarding as he feels that seniors are very often forgotten. To him, “senior hood”, is a very special time in our lives for us to pay special attention to those who once paid attention to us. Amazing moments when there's music in our lives. 

Rick has been entertaining “seasoned” citizens for close to 30 years in more than 40 assisted-living facilities and social groups. He connects in heartfelt ways taking them down memory lane and getting them to tap their toes or clap their hands or dance in their seats or even swing their walkers and canes. He captures their attention and gets them in touch with memories that bring smiles, sometimes tears and often, after show hugs, as they share stories about last time they heard “Mona Lisa” or dance to a standard like “It’s Only a Paper Moon” or maybe they have a story about the last time they saw a show or which entertainers they last saw. There is always a heartfelt appreciation for the top shelf entertainment he delivers. 




You are blessed with a God given gift with your voice... there is no doubt that you are a very talented performer..." 

-Paul Freeman, DJ for Go Country 105.1FM, Los Angeles

Rick Jarrett Gives Back in an Artistic and Authentic Way Unlike Any Other...”